Aircraft ownership involves sizeable time and investment. As your aviation experience begins with the purchase of an aircraft, MyJetGuy Aviation offers expert guidance in the acquisition process to ensure your asset meets your needs and desires. Our services include:

• Aircraft selection (whole or fractional)
• Cost analysis and ownership forecast
• Route analysis
• Market value positions (entry and exit)
• Tax analysis – sales, property and operational (we work closely with your tax
   professionals to determine the most appropriate action)
• Financing options
• Third-party consultations for brokers, purchasers and attorneys
• Completion and refurbishment monitoring
• Dispositions








Our aircraft acquisition professionals have been involved in over 1,000 acquisitions and dispositions for both whole and fractional ownership. We look forward to working closely with you to find the perfect aircraft to meet your needs and desires.

Whether your needs are for the whole process of acquisition, operating and disposition of an aircraft, or a one-off basis, please contact MyJetGuy Aviation to assist you with your asset.