MyJetGuy Aviation offers domestic and international Part 135 on-demand charter flights.  MyJetGuy is well respected in the aviation charter industry for its response time, high level of customer service and attention to detail.  MyJetGuy provides unparalleled 365/24/7 on-demand charter services.  With one phone call, you can be airborne as quickly as two hours for domestic flights.  Travel on your schedule instead of the airlines.

Charter clients are confident and secure while traveling on-board a private aircraft that is confidential and secure.  They eliminate airport/airline hassles, while their travel time is dramatically reduced as they depart and arrive in metropolitan areas or remote areas without lengthy drive times.  There is no more waiting in long check-in, security and baggage lines.  Typically, you can park and walk directly to your airplane, where you are met by your crew.  With MyJetGuy, you can fly in and out of 4,000 airports versus 400 commercial airports.

Chartering with MyJetGuy is a minimal financial commitment for our clients.  There are no capital costs or monthly management fees.  Unlike card programs, you pay for the make and model you travel in, not the cabin class.  You have predictable costs with no hidden charges.  A written quote will be provided showing all charges involved with each specific trip.

MyJetGuy offers customized block charter programs based on your routes, needs and desires.  We customize block charter programs to our customer’s requirements versus a cookie cutter approach.

Clients flying onboard a MyJetGuy charter increase productivity.  They use the cabin as their board room or office to conduct business privately – making them more efficient.  Begin holidays early by enjoying a game of cards or spending quality time with family or friends, or

Simply sit back, look at the view and enjoy the ride.

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