The MyJetGuy Aviation team has a combined 100+ years in Part 91 and Part 135 operations for both whole and fractional aircraft owners. We have in depth experience with make and models such as Challengers, Learjets, Citations, Gulfstreams, Hawkers, Globals and Legacys from the major Original Equipment Operators (OEMs) such as Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer and Gulfstream.

The professionals at MyJetGuy Aviation are committed to serving our clients with integrity and an unwavering commitment to safety. Our company is founded on these two principles and we firmly believe that by following them, you, as our client, will quickly realize you have made the right decision in engaging us to manage and operate your aircraft.

• Complete integrity and transparency in our financial dealings - All financial records of your aircraft operations are available to you for audit and we welcome all questions. Our compensation for managing your aircraft is fully disclosed.
• We are your partner, not just a vendor - MyJetGuy is your personal customized flight department and we want to be part of your success.
• Our success is measured only by your satisfaction - Our business is one of service and if we do not meet or exceed your expectations, we have not been successful.
• We are there when you need us the most - The senior executives of MyJetGuy have an active day-to-day role in the management and operation of your aircraft. We bring you our experience to insure that unpleasant surprises do not interrupt your flight schedule.

MyJetGuy Aviation offers complete turnkey Part 91 and Part 135 management and operations for aircraft owners. Benefits of our management and operational skills and services include:
• No Third-Party Mark-ups - All outside third-party invoices including fuel, maintenance, insurance, catering, etc. are invoiced directly and are not marked up as the MyJetGuy process is completely transparent
• Regulatory Compliance - We serve as your liaison with the FAA and all other regulatory departments.
• Safety and security management and oversight required by the FAA
• Maintenance planning and oversight required by the FAA
• Crewmember selection and administration
• Accounting and financial reporting
• Insurance administration – asset protection
• Flight scheduling, dispatch, flight release and live 24/7 flight following
• Industry representation
• Part 135 on-demand charter revenue

Separate arrangements can be made for additional services (i.e. confidential independent audit of existing management agreements and programs, SMS programs, etc.)

Part 91 v. Part 135 and Operational Control

As an aircraft owner, choosing whether to fly your aircraft under Part 91 v. Part 135 can be a difficult decision. Your team at MyJetGuy is here to help you make the right decision for you.

Flights flown under Part 91, the aircraft owner has operational control, not the operator. For flights flown under Part 135, the operator has operational control, not the owner.

The term "Operational Control" includes, but is not limited to, possession, command and control of the aircraft and also include exclusive control over:

• All flight crewmembers and any substitute crewmembers;
• Determining whether any particular flight of the aircraft may be safely operated
• Assigning flight crewmembers or substitute crewmembers to particular flights of the aircraft;
• Initiating and terminating flights of the aircraft operated by operator; and
• Dispatch or release of flights of the aircraft.

MyJetGuy will help you to determine whether you wish to fly under Part 91, Part 135 or a combination of both. Under Part 135 you may receive tax deductions, fuel tax reimbursements and on-demand charter revenue.

In the event you wish to offset the cost of owning and operating your asset, you may wish to charter it on-demand. MyJetGuy will guide you through your options and ensure that your asset is in the best hands possible when passengers other than yourself utilize your asset. We are happy to analyze the potential revenue you may receive from chartering your aircraft.