Safety is the cornerstone of MyJetGuy and Charter Fleet International's operations. You have entrusted us with two very valuable assets - your aircraft and passengers. The safety of both is paramount in everything we do and we will deliver our services with the highest level of integrity.

Charter Fleet International is rated Gold by the Aviation Research Group/United States (ARG/US) and is a certified member of the Wyvern Wingman Program (two independent audit organizations). Charter Fleet International has no history of incidents, accidents or violations.

MyJetGuy and Charter Fleet International exceed FAA and industry requirements by implementing our Safety Management System (SMS). SMS is the newest step in the evolution of safety in aviation. By operating and abiding by our SMS, we take a proactive approach to reduce risk management by creating an environment where all employees are stakeholders in ensuring the safety of every flight promoting a sound safety culture in our company.

To increase security and reduce threat assessments to the flying population, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implemented the Twelve-Five Standard Security Program. TFSSP requires fingerprint-based criminal history checks and threat assessments for crewmembers, "No Fly List" passenger watch, biennial audits and compliance with the prohibited items list. MyJetGuy and Charter Fleet Internal are Twelve-Five Compliant.

The management team of MyJetGuy Aviation has 100+ years of combined aircraft acquisitions, operations, management and charter experience with a sharp focus on extraordinary service addressing the needs of Part 91 and 135 owner and clientele. We customize management and block charter programs for each client's precise needs, location and expectations to unique set a global standard for safety, regulatory compliance, and unparallel service with providing maximum client value.

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